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Aging is nOW OptiOnAl

Our Doctor

Herbert Pardell D.O., FAAIM

Board Certified Internist

dr-pardellDr. Pardell is a certified internist and the medical director of the Physicians Skin & Laser. In addition he has opened up the aesthetic practice to include a weight control program and hormone replacement therapy for women and men, geared to maintaining youthfulness and delay the aging process.

Dr. Pardell has extensive experience in the field of hormone replacement in which he has been involved since 1982. All hormones used are bio-identicle as described in Susan Summer’s book in which Dr. Pardell is listed as practicing in this field.

He has instituted a weight control program which includes detection of food sensitivities, the elimination of which helps in weight reduction and many other problems such as IBS, migraine , arthritis and many others to mention only a few. To this he has developed a method of eating to enhance the bodies ability to lose weight.

The integration of all the programs listed offer the holistic approach to patient beauty and health.