Keratin lash lifts are the latest trend in the beauty and eye makeup industry. Lash lift procedures are becoming particularly popular these days because they can help enhance the beauty of your natural eyelashes without having to deal with the lengthy and uncomfortable task of applying heavy and false lashes to look good.

A keratin lash lift procedure gives you more defined, longer, and curled lashes in no time at all. The treatment works to “lift” your natural eyelashes from the base to the tip, similar to what a mascara wand can do for you. However, keratin lash lifts involve using silicone pads placed over the eyes and just above the lashes to help guide the shape of your lashes and ensure that they are perfect. Before the lash lift, a keratin formula is applied to your eyelashes in order to help to strengthen them and make them smoother. Keratin is a protective that’s found in many beauty products thanks to its natural strengthening properties that can help enhance the health of your hair, skin, and nails. By applying the keratin solution to your eyelashes you can get a longer-lasting result when your lashes are lifted and curled beautifully.

What to Expect During the Lash Lift Procedure

A keratin lash lift treatment can take around 45 to 60 minutes where you will be required to keep your eyes closed during the entire process. The lash lift beauty technician will apply the keratin formula on your eyelashes and then lift, separate, and curl them upwards along the silicone pads. You can choose different types of silicon rods for lash lift treatment as per your desired styling. You can also make the choice based on how much you would want your eyelashes to be curled. Generally, the larger the silicon pad is, the softer the lash curl will be. Different sizes may be used depending on the length of your natural lashes.

It’s important to note that not all lash lift procedures are keratin-based! Our Keratin lash lift is very different from other lash lifts and lash perm treatments which involve using an alkaline solution to curl your eyelashes. That is why you should always be aware of the ingredients that are in the solution used when you opt to go in for a lash lift in a salon. In order to be a true keratin lash lift, the lifting solution should have keratin proteins in the ingredients.

Keratin lash lifts can be the best alternative to using lash extensions. Not only is keratin lash lift simpler but it also lasts longer than traditional lash extensions while also giving you a more natural look. Unlike lash extensions, lash lift treatment does not require you to go back into the salon for frequent touchups. Not only that, but you can also use mascara and eyeliner after 48 hours of the keratin lash lift treatment to get a more vivid appearance. Lash lifts can also be done in between lash extension treatments to let your natural eyelashes relax and rejuvenate.

Lash Lift Before/After